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charless fowlkesCharless Fowlkes
Associate Professor in Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering
My research is in computational vision, in particular how to integrate mechanisms for visual recognition and perceptual organization. I also work on developing tools for biological image and shape analysis in order to measure morphology and spatial patterns of gene expression in developing animals.
michelle digmanMichelle  Digman
Assistant Professor in Biomedical Engineering
My research interests focus on: i) quantifying spatial and temporal dynamics of proteins during cell migration, ii) characterizing metabolic alterations in cells and tissues and iii) developing novel imaging technologies.
enrico grattonEnrico Gratton
Professor in Biomedical Engineering
My research interests are in the development of time-resolved fluorescence instrumentation and theory using frequency domain methods.
xxieXiaohui Xie
Professor in Computer Science
My research interests are in machine learning, neural computation, computational biology, genomics, bioinformatics and applied math.
moonjinewGopi Meenakshisundaram
Professor in Computer Science
My research work focuses mainly on topics related to geometry and topology motivated by
problems in computer graphics and interactive rendering. Currently, I am also working on
medical and biological image processing and visualization.
padhraic smythPadhraic Smyth
Professor in Computer Science
My work focuses on machine learning, pattern recognition and statistics.
Guest Lecturers:

Sunil Gandhi2Sunil Gandhi

Assistant Professor in Neurobiology & Behavior
My research is focused on understanding the circuit mechanisms that regulate the plasticity of the visual cortex. I employ a combination of techniques including in vivo two-photon functional imaging and patch-clamp recordings, the transplantation of neuronal precursors, visual behavioral training and mouse genetic tools that identify, stimulate and silence defined neural circuits.


Course Organization
felixgrunFelix Grün
Project Scientist & Course Coordinator
I am an experienced research scientist with a broad interdisciplinary background focused on nuclear hormone receptor siganling, endocrine disruption and systems biology. I served as the Academic Coordinator for the Center for Complex Biological Systems (2009-2017) where I implemented a variety of educational and training activities including national short courses. I am currently the Director of UCI's Mass Spectrometry Facility in the Department of Chemistry.
Teaching Assistants
Nitin Agarwal Hongtao Chen Jia Chen  Christoph Gohlke Casey Graff Per Nicklas Hedde
Bailey Kong Shu Kong Leonel Malacrida Eric Nalisnick Jihyun Park  Scott Vang

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